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Jan 16, 2010 2:00pm EST
medicare, you know, all of that stuff. well, evelyn, there are clearly limits. we don't want to go to selling babies, but is this okay, what we're hearing? >> i think this is okay. what the governments are not operating under the assumption that this is the only thing they're going to do and it'd be great if we could, obviously, ban all of these things and that would be fine and people saw it, but honestly that's not going to happen. we are going to have to make some money off the markets and why not? if these governments are cash strapped like in california, like in washington, why not think creatively and think of the new markets and if the public is ready for it and if they think they can regulate responsibly, why not? >> steve, the late great editor of forbes magazine jim michaels use today say he's all for the libertarian solutions for legalization of prostitution and at least that's an honest way to make money as opposed to politicians. >> if they get this money they'll spend and spend more and next thing we'll have is big aam i. the license fees you can collect from multiple ma
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1